Mental and physical benefits of sex

benefits of sex

People usually try to enjoy sex but they don’t take time to explore how to attain mind blowing sex. As far as sex is concerned it is not possible to enjoy the best climax just by doing the same stuffs all the time. Sex is not a formula but it is a bliss that can be enjoyed with the partner. Since sex is a pleasure it should be enjoyed with no hindrances. There are many different tips and techniques for attaining shuddering climax. Climax can be mind blowing only by taking it bit by bit. Sex should be tasted so that it will be interesting next time.

Keep up the interest

Some people lose interest in sex slowly and they will have it occasionally as they don’t find anything interesting in it but if they would have done it in enjoyable manner using different techniques and experiments then they would be craving for it. It is advised to take time to understand and explore sex so that it can be most enjoyable. Much importance can be given to sex as there are many benefits in it such as it benefits the person in terms of health, mind and relationship.


Many people don’t understand that sex benefits health. Sex is healthy if it is taken in a proper manner. During sex the entire body of the person gets in to action hence it is like a workout. Of course it is pleasure work out.

Sex regulates the blood pressure

People who are active in sex will have regulated blood pressure. Sex regulates the blood flow in the body and maintains the blood pressure normally. Therefore such people can be active and energetic.

Sex boosts immune system

Most of the sexually active people are healthy and they seldom get sickness. It increases immunity in body and keeps the person healthy. People having sex once or twice in a week can develop antibodies more than the people that are not active sexually.

Bladder control

Women could get and maintain proper bladder control if they have proper or healthy sexual life. The reason is that the pelvic muscles get strengthened because of sexual activity as the muscles contract during orgasm. As long as the woman has healthy sexual life she can have stronger pelvic muscles.

Health heart

Research says that the person that has sex at least two times in a week has no risk of heart attack. Such people are not prone to heart attack as cardia health is increased.

Eases pain

Having sex eases the pain in different parts of the body. People having sex frequently or at least twice or once in a week could experience pain relief from head ache, leg pain and other pains. Research also confirms that sex eases pain. Orgasm is otherwise called as pain blocker.

Skin and hair

Proper sex releases important compounds in body which benefits skin and hair. It will cause your skin to glow, complexion will be maintained and it acts as anti-ageing. Sexually active persons look young.

Deep sleep

One of the major benefits of having sex twice in a week or once in a week, will get deep sleep. It is apparent that most of the people will get tired after having sex as it burns much of calories in the body. It eases the mind and gives relaxation to the body hence the person gets deep sleep.

Stress reliever

Many people say that sex is one of the best stress reliever. As said above it calms the mind and eases the emotions. As soon as the person attains climax in sexual activity the person feels relaxation in mind and will feel completely free. The bliss of sex fills the mind and thrashes the stress in no time. Research says most of the person feels relaxed and relieved from stress as they enjoy sex each week. It releases a joy chemical of the brain making the person feeling happy and peaceful.

Self esteem

Sex gives confidence in a person and many sexually active persons feel the self esteem. As the person feels the self esteem and confidence he feels health in mind. Sex benefits the mental and physical health to a major extent.

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