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Nowadays, print material has evolved along with other forms of entertainment. This evolution usually involves the production of online counterparts. Simply put, an online magazine, also known as a webzine, is a magazine published electronically on the Web. Just like their printed counterparts, online magazines can cover a variety of topics and may be addressed to a myriad of audiences.

The number of subscribers or viewers of an online magazine can tell a lot about how the webzine is accepted by its audience. However, picking the best online magazine on the internet can be better done through competitions. Certain associations have established standards and judging committees to evaluate webzine publishers that want to claim such prestige. An online magazine can garner awards based on content, layout and design, technical features, and interactivity.

Based on Certain Standards and Awards

As aforementioned, trusted judging committees exist to evaluate and award excellent online magazines. One of these associations is the Web Marketing Association (WMA). WMA’s event is entitled WebAwards and happens annually since 2000. WMA evaluates online magazines according to seven criteria including design, ease of use, copywriting, interactivity, use of technology, innovation, and content. For 2016, the WMA Best Magazine Website winner is under the Smithsonian Enterprises. actually won another award in a different competition. The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) presents the Webby Awards which is regarded as one of the prestigious awards on the internet. The judging board is comprised of over 2000 members including web experts, business people, and creative authorities. For 2016, under the Web Magazine category, won the Webbys People’s Voice Award. The 2016 main Webby Award Winner was however bagged by The New Yorker.

Another recent and independent awarding body is The Digital Magazine Awards (DMA)DMA began on 2010 and recognizes creativity, innovation, and commercial success. For 2016, DMA’s Magazine of the Year was The Suitcase Digital.

In the US, The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) presents the Ellie Awards with both print and online magazine categories. They give recognition to media forms with superior content and exceptional journalistic value. The ASME category for website or online-only magazines is the Ellie Website Award which was bagged by the New York in 2016.

The awarding bodies mentioned are currently holding their 2017 competitions and the winners may be announced by the end of the year. Some of them, however, have already released a list of their finalists in their respective sites.

Smithsonian has at least two awards to be considered the best online magazine to date according to the data mentioned above. Its print version is the Smithsonian and both print and online formats include researched topics highlighted by the Smithsonian Institution. The fields covered by the webzine specifically include science, history, art, popular culture and innovation. has a neat interface. The site’s layout is balanced by text, images, and minimal ads. The webzine headlines flash are flashed through a slideshow at the top area of the homepage. Articles are time stamped and the trending ones are identified on the top. Embedded ads are not distracting and do not just pop up in your face. A quick subscription balloon ad will appear once below the screen which one may opt to close eventually.

The site does contain subscription buttons for the online magazine. It also has the necessary buttons for its social media accounts and quick drop-down menus per tab in the homepage. Linked texts also exist for subscription renewal and even gift subscription.

Interactivity is also maximized at It has a tab for its videos and even features podcasts. A link to their shop instantly provides one a cart for online purchases. A tab for games in one of their dropdown menus is also available for their younger audiences or playful readers. Interaction beyond the site occurs through hosted competitions like photo contests.

Aside from the actual website magazine, also has a separate tab that links to their printed issue. However, the link only features the latest issue. also has a neat archive containing topics arranged according to timeline and categories. People who are looking for more specific content may also use the search box present throughout the website.

As any usual online subscription, online forms including the newsletter settings are conveniently found below every webpage in the site which saves one from going back to the homepage to sign up. Another great site to subscribe too for great Asian dating is Asian Sex Bang.

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