Can you get sex from online dating apps?

All match-making apps are collectively referred to as online dating apps. However, sex matchmaking apps are also listed under the online dating apps category. It is possible to get sex using online dating apps as long as the person learns to distinguish and separate which online dating apps are for relationships and which ones are for hook-ups.

Learning to Distinguish Online Dating Apps


Usually, online dating apps with a quick sign-up process are more of an online dating app for sex matchmaking app than a legitimate online dating app. Sometimes, a quick link to Facebook is all it needs to get one started on finding people for sex. However, if a person does not want the app to connect to Facebook for privacy reasons, these online dating apps will require a nickname and gender instead as a substitute.


From the interface alone, a person can make a good guess whether an app is made for dating or for sex. Since its main concern is to show the physical qualities of a person, apps made for sex usually enable users to browse potential partners indefinitely with ease. Tinder’s swipe function has become the standard for other online dating apps dedicated for finding a sexual partner easily.

Lack or Absence of Barrier to Entry

Online dating apps for sex also have a significant lack or absence of any barriers to entry. Meanwhile, online dating apps for serious dating have security features in place to protect its users from online bullying and sexual harassment. Thus, in conjunction with the easy sign-up feature, online dating apps with no rigorous registration steps are more likely to be an online dating app for sex matchmaking app.

Factors to Consider in Getting Sex Using Online Dating Apps

Number of Users

Obviously, the more users there are in an online dating app, the higher the person’s chance to get sex from it. As such, people should opt to use the most popular online dating app for sex rather than newly established and unpopular ones. Currently, Tinder sets the bar at 50 million users and counting.

Types of Users

Online dating apps are full of uncanny and indecent individuals. Therefore, to increase the odds of getting sex from these apps without quitting due to fear or disgust, a person must choose the proper app that matches his/her level of tolerance on indecent materials.

Report System

Furthermore, to avoid any traumatic experiences in using online dating apps for sex, apps must have report systems in place in case certain abusive users use their accounts to harass others by posting and sending obscene images for fun.


People can easily get sex from online dating apps, but there is also an imminent danger that comes along with it. Basically, these apps enable a person to communicate with strangers and set hook-ups without knowing anything about the other person on the line.

Most online dating apps for sex matchmaking, however, only offer the basic services to get to know the other person behind the screen. Thus, the users herself must have a safety procedure in place before setting up a meeting.

Type of Sex

A person must also think about the type of sex that he/she wants to get from the online dating app. Several apps contain unique features that enable people to search for others who are interested in a threesome or in a particular fetish.


While some people are comfortable in using their real name and photo in an online dating app, others are more conservative, and they prefer anonymity. Only a few apps offer the anonymity service of Pure online dating app. Pure provides complete anonymity to its users by encrypting every information including private messages. Thus, people who want to protect their identity while enjoying kinky chats and casual sex can use this type of online dating app.

Type of Service

Online dating apps that provide VIP services give advanced security and filtering option for people who are serious about getting sex from online dating. Usually, people under the VIP service meet more refined and pleasant individuals, and the VIP service ensures that its patrons get the best experience they can have through the app.

Examples of Online Dating Apps for Sex

Some of the most recommended online dating app for sex matchmaking include Tinder, Blendr, Pure, and Down. Each of these four apps has unique features that focus on different ways people can engage others online and agree to have casual sex without replicating the difficulties of doing so in real life. Meet N Fuck is an app specifically for people to meet n fuck and become fuckbuddies. Their fuckbook is immense and you’ll surely find a local fuck buddy right away.

Moreover, more specialized online dating apps for sex are LUXY and Sapio. The former only caters to people who are into expensive brands, while the latters are only for intelligent individuals. Registration on these apps requires answering a lengthy survey, which the app will use as the basis for matchmaking.


Online dating apps started as legitimate ways for single people to meet others in virtual reality. However, the newer ones evolved into real means to get no string attached relationships at the press of a button. Yet, these online dating apps intended for sex matchmaking sometimes bear fruitful relationships, and a number of long-time couples have confessed about meeting their significant other using these apps.

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